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iOS 14 publisher guide

Apple’s iOS 14 release brings some key changes to the advertising ecosystem. Unity has laid out a few simple steps to help you prepare and ensure your monetization efforts continue with minimal disruption. Please complete the following actions that support the changes.

Upgrade your Ads SDK

Unity Ads version 3.4.8 or higher supports iOS 14. The SDK allows developers to begin building and testing their own cross-app tracking permissions in advance of Apple’s release.

Important: It is advised that all Unity publishers integrate the latest SDK into their apps for iOS 14. Apps using older versions of Unity Ads will not be able to pass ad identifiers (IDFAs) to advertisers, which may impact performance if you do not upgrade.

For more information on updating the SDK, see the iOS integration guide.

Update your plist file

For iOS builds, the information property list (Info.plist) file is a resource containing key-value pairs that identify and configure an app. This file should contain a list of ad network IDs that publishers use to configure their apps, enabling ad sources to properly attribute their ad spend via Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework. To help publishers save time and energy, Unity provides an updated list of advertiser IDs across the industry to include in their plist files. When implemented with Unity Ads version 3.4.8 or higher, this list will allow Unity and other trusted ad sources to confidently bid on publisher inventory.

Test Apple’s permission flow

With Unity Ads’ new SDK, you will be able to serve Apple’s user permissions popup in your game. This allows you to test the user experience in advance of iOS 14, and be fully prepared once the update is live.

Unity will provide resources through and beyond Apple’s official release. The documentation will be updated regularly, so please visit these resources regularly. We will also communicate any major updates directly as needed. This is a major change affecting the industry at large, and we are already seeing major changes from key players in response. Please be assured that Unity is prepared, and views our obligation to our publisher and advertiser communities as our top priority.

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Last updated on 29th Sep 2020