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Dashboard Settings & Placements

What are video placements?

Placements are a setting in the dashboard that let you control how your videos are shown.

Newly created game projects will include two two placements:

  • "video" (skip after 5 seconds)
  • "rewardedVideo" (skip disabled - 30 second video)

Note: When showing rewarded ads (where users opt-in to watch a video), we recommend using the "rewardedVideo" placement to diable skipping.

You can create new placements and modify placement settings in the Ads dashboard, by selecting Project -> Game ID -> Settings

Placements can be used to gain insights into how users are watching videos. We recommend using a different placement for each way that users interact with your video ads.

Select a placement in code

If no placement is selected, the game ID's default placement will be selected, for example:

    //show a video with the default placement
    if(Advertisement.IsReady()) {

You can select specific placements by including the placement string as a perameter when calling Show().

This is the same in C#, Obj-C, Swift, & Java:

Unity (C#)

    //show a video with the "rewardedVideo" placement
    if(Advertisement.IsReady("rewardedVideo")) {

iOS (Obj-C)

    if ([UnityAds isReady]) {
        [UnityAds show:self placementId:@"rewardedVideo"];

Android (Java)

    if (UnityAds.isReady()) {, "rewardedVideo");

It's up to you when to actually show the ads, but to get an idea about using different placements, take a look at our guide to video ads.

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Last updated on 24th Jan 2018