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Unity Ads is a video ad network for iOS and Android that allows you to quickly and effectively monetize your games. Getting started is easy!

At a glance


  • We always recommend using the latest Unity Ads SDK, either through the Asset store, or the Unity Editor Services Window (see integration links, below).
  • The Unity Ads Asset package is compatable with Unity versions 4.6 or higher.
  • Unity versions 5.5 or higher allows you to enable Unity Ads 2.x through the Editor's Services Window.


Integrate Unity Ads via the Unity Engine, or directly into your native iOS and Android projects.


Be sure to review our Best practices guide for a better understanding of how to leverage design to maximize your ads revenue. It includes plenty of tips, resources, and case studies for inspiration.

Management and analysis

The Unity Developer Dashboard allows you to manage your ads implementation. Use the dashboard's robust metrics tools to adopt a data-driven approach to fine-tuning your monetization strategy.


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Last updated on 23rd Apr 2018