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Created by the leading mobile game engine, the Unity Ads SDK provides a comprehensive monetization framework for your game, whether you develop in Unity, xCode, or Android Studio. It streamlines ads, in-app purchasing and analytics, using cutting edge machine learning to maximize your revenue while maintaining a great player experience. Getting started is simple.

This page illustrates the journey towards maximizing your revenue with Unity Ads. Follow step by step, or jump to the integration step that best fits your stage of development.


New to Unity Ads? Take care of these basics before implementation:

  1. Download and import the latest Unity Ads Asset package or SDK: Unity (C#) | iOS (Objective-C) | Android (Java)
  2. Create a Unity Developer ID.
  3. Use the Developer Dashboard to configure Placements for monetization content.
  4. Review our Best practices guide, complete with case studies, to better understand your monetization strategy before diving in.


Integration may vary, depending on your development platform.

Integrate Unity Ads using the Monetization API

Expand your basic ads integration

Manage, analyze, optimize

Beyond implementation, Unity empowers you to fine-tune your strategy:


Have questions? We're here to help! The following resources can assist in addressing your issue:

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Last updated on 20th Jan 2021