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Monetization content types

Unity’s Personalized Placements optimize revenue by intelligently serving a mix of engaging content to the right player at the right time. Get to know the various content types, and learn how to deploy them in your monetization strategy.

Augmented Reality (AR) ads

AR ads offer players a fully immersive and interactive experience, by incorporating digital content directly into their physical world. Players can make new, memorable experiences, while feeling a sense of agency by creating their own narratives.

Example of an AR ad

Banners remain a consistent source of ad revenue within mobile ad spend. Unity Ads now supports Banner Placements for all publishers looking to integrate them into their games.

Example of a banner ad

Display ads

Display ads are the basic full-screen interstitials that persist until the player dismisses them. These are most effectively implemented strategically at natural pauses or breaks in gameplay, such as a load or level change.

Example of a Display ad

Playable ads

Playable ads are ad units that enable the player to engage with the ad content through interaction. You can implement Playable ads through both rewarded and non-rewarded Placements.

Example of a Playable ad


IAP Promos surface promotional assets for in-app purchase opportunities throughout your game. They generate revenue by driving traffic to your in-game store, and calling attention to attractive offers. Simply set up your Placements and configure your Product Catalog, then let Unity’s machine learning data model do the heavy lifting of delivering the right offer to the right player at the right time.

Example of an IAP Promo ad in-game

Video ads

Video ads are the most common form of advertising, and recommended in our best practices guide. They create opportunities to implement rewarded ads, where players receive incentives for viewing the ad in its entirety.

Watch an example Video ad

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Last updated on 16th Nov 2018