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How does the campaign approval process work?

We need to review your campaign before it can be turned on. As part of the review process, we need to verify the following conditions:

  • Campaign creatives are in the correct format.
  • Campaign content is not overly graphic or sexually explicit.
  • Campaign budget and bids meet the minimum requirements.
  • Store badges for Google Play do not appear in iOS campaign creatives.
  • If Server-to-Server Install Tracking is being used, the tracking link will need to be validated (not required when using SDK Install Tracking).

To expedite the review process, please be sure to follow the requirements laid out in the Campaign Design Guide.

If your campaign has been awaiting moderation for more than 48 business-hours, please contact the AdOps team to followup on the status of your campaign.

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How can I automatically generate reports on a regular basis?

Go to Reports > Automated Reports to configure the report, set how often you want to receive reports, and enter the email address you want reports sent to.

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What can I do to get more installs?

First, you should make sure that your advertisement is as good as possible. See the points above how to make it better. Secondly, you can try to increase your CPI, which will improve the position of your ad in the ad plan and ensure it will get more views.

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How do I improve the conversion rate of my ads?

The first and foremost is to have an enticing advertisement. A video which is clearly different from other videos in the network is likely to convert better. You should also show your gameplay in the trailer to make sure that users who do convert, really know what to expect from your game.

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Is it possible to A/B test campaign creatives?

Yes, please contact the AdOps team for more information.

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Can I block certain source games from showing my campaign?

Please contact the AdOps team to block source games based on the source game id.

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Can I target certain source games to show my campaign?

Please contact the AdOps team to specifically target some source games based on the source game id.

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Can I bid more for a certain source game?

Please contact the AdOps team and let us know which source games you want to bid more and we will configure this for you.

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Why did my install volume change?

Possible Reasons for Changes in Campaign Performance

During the course of the campaign, it is natural to see some vacillations in performance. Though the figure might vary from campaign to campaign, a 10-15% change either way week over week is considered normal fluctuation. However, a change in performance greater than this range might be indicative of a deeper issue.

Decreases in volume

Some of the factors contributing to a decrease in volume include:

  1. A change in the competitive advertiser-side landscape. Our inventory is constantly changing and growing. Sometimes, we start new advertising campaigns that vastly outperform the rest of our network, thus receiving preferential publisher inventory. If this happens, you can raise your bids to compete for this inventory.

  2. A change in publishers. Rarely, a publisher will remove their traffic from the inventory altogether.

  3. A tracking issue. This could be due to an outage at your third-party tracking service, or due to an uncommunicated change to the postback or tracking URLs.

  4. Underperforming creatives. A gradual decrease in volume over time can suggest ad fatigue. The introduction of a new creative that is less resonant with your audience than its predecessor can also cause a decrease in conversion rate and thus a decrease in volume.

Increases in volume

On the other side of the coin, increases in volume can be attributed to the inverse reasons for decreases:

  1. The addition of a well-matched publisher. We are constantly adding new publishers. If we happen to add a publisher whose users are particularly engaged with your ads, you can often see volume suddenly skyrocket.

  2. High-performing new creatives. Advertisers often see noticeable volume increases after conducting a trailer refresh. Rotate in new trailers approximately once per quarter if resources permit.

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Last updated on 24th Jan 2018