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This article details how to create and manage campaigns for advertisers whose content hasn't yet been migrated to the new Campaigns dashboard. We highly recommend using our new self-service dashboard. Please contact the Ad Ops team if you have questions regarding campaign migration.

Adding an app

To add an app for campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard, select Games from the left navigation bar.
  2. Select Add New Game.

Adding a new app.

Adding a new app.

  1. Select your game’s live platform and enter its store URL, then select Look Up Application.

Adding a new app.

  1. Review your game's information, then select the appropriate COPPA setting for your game and select Continue.

Adding creative packs

Once you've added your game, add creative assets for your campaigns:

  1. From the dashboard, select Games from the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the game you wish to add assets to.
  3. Select the Ad Creatives tab. By default, there are two empty creative packs. Select Video Creative Packs.

Adding new creative assets.

Adding new creative assets.

  1. Drag and drop your video and end card assets into their respective fields (for more information on creative specs, see the Creative packs section of the Configuring campaigns documentation).
  2. Save your creative pack after everything uploads properly.

Setting up a campaign

Now that you've added your game to the dashboard and creatives to your game, it’s time to set up a new campaign.

  1. From the dashboard, select Games from the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the game you wish to add assets to.
  3. Select the Ad Campaigns tab, then select + Create a Campaign Now and configure the following:

Adding a new campaign.

Adding a new campaign.

Campaign Name

The name of your campaign (required).

Ad Type

The type of ad to run on our network (required; only video ads are available at this time).

Campaign Type

The payment method to use for this campaign.

  • CPI: Cost per install. You will only be charged when a user installs your app (recommended).

Budget Type

The type of budget to use for this campaign.

  • Single budget: This budget will only be used for this campaign.
  • Shared budget: This budget will be shared between multiple campaigns.


The start and end dates for your campaign to run. The end date defaults to unspecified.

Creatives pack

The video that will run on this specific campaign. If you’ve added more than one creative pack, select Change to choose which pack to use.

Countries and prices

Select the countries you want this campaign to target, and set the prices for each region. Select Change to open the expanded targeting window.

Adjusting bids by country.

Adjusting bids by country.

Use the Search tool to search for the country you want to target and add it to the targeting list. You can then change the bid by selecting the country code box to open the bid window. Select OK to save the bid for that country.


Target devices that meet specified criteria.

Operating System targeting

Use the minimum and maximum parameters to target a specific range of operating systems.

Device targeting

Use the device targeting options to target a series of devices (for example, iPad or iPhone), or a specific device (for example, iPhone 6 or iPad Mini 3). This granular targeting is only available on iOS, but will be coming to Android in the near future. Android targeting is broken down by screen size.

Connection targeting

Target users on WiFi or cellular connections. If your game is above the download limits (100 MB for iOS or 50 MB for Google Play), we suggest targeting WiFi only, as users on cellular wouldn't be able to download your game (which lowers conversion rates and makes you less competitive in our network).

Targeting settings.

Targeting settings.

Third party tracking URL

Input your tracking URL. For more information on setting up tracking links, see documentation on Server-to-Server Install Tracking.

Submitting for moderation

Once your campaign is completely configured, you can submit it for moderation. Save your campaign, then navigate to the top of the campaign's page to select Submit for Moderation. The Unity Ads team will moderate your campaign within 24-48 hours.

Submitting campaigns for moderation.

Submitting campaigns for moderation.

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Last updated on 16th Sep 2019