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Self-Service User Acquisition

This document serves to help marketers quickly get started with user acquisition campaigns through Unity Ads


Sign Up and Verify Account

The first step in getting started with Unity Ads is to create an account. You can do this by following the steps below:

Step 1: Create a Unity Developer Network account

Step 2: Verify your UDN account via email

Step 3: Sign in to the UDN

Step 4: Head over to the Unity Ads signup page and register for the Unity Ads service

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Add a Game

The next step after creating and verifying your account is to add a game. All campaigns and creatives will be stored at the game level in the Unity Ads dashboard.

Step 1: Select "Games" from the left-hand side of the dashboard

Step 2: Hit "Add New Game" to begin the process of adding your game

Step 3: Select which platform your game is live on and input your game's store URL. Then, scrape the app store using the "Look Up Application" button

Step 4: Review your game's information, then select the appropriate COPPA targeting for your game and hit "Continue"

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Add Video Creatives

After you've added your game, the next step in starting a UA campaign will be to add the creative assets. These are the videos and end cards that will be shown when the campaigns have begun.

Step 1: Head into the game you just added. To do this, select "Games" from the left-hand side of the dashboard, select the game by clicking on the game name, and then head over to the "Ad Creatives"

Step 2: By default, we create an empty creative pack for you. Select this creative pack by clicking on "Video Creative Packs"

Step 3: Once you're inside of the default creative pack, you can drag and drop your video and end cards into their respective field. For more information on our creative specs, check out the Video Creative Documentation. Make sure to save your creative pack after everything has uploaded properly (you'll see "Asset uploaded successfully")

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Set Up a Campaign

Now that you've added your game to the dashboard and creatives to your game, its time to set up a new campaign.

Step 1: Head back into your game, but this time select "Ad Campaigns", then select "+ Create a Campaign Now" and go through the campaign set up process:

Campaign Name: The name of your campaign (required)

Ad Type: The type of ad you'd like to run on our network (required - only video ads available at this time)

Campaign Type: The payment method you'd like to use for this campaign

  • CPI - Cost per Install. You will only be charged when a user installs your app (recommended)

  • CPV - Cost per Completed View. You will be charged every time a user completely watches one of your video ads

Budget Type: The type of budget you'd like to use for this campaign

  • Single budget - this budget input will only be used for this campaign

  • Shared budget - you can use this option if you wanted more than one campaign to share a single budget

Scheduling: The start and end date that you want to run your campaign for. By default, there won't be an end date

Creatives Pack: This is the video that will run on this specific campaign. You can select "Change" to change to a different creative pack. Keep in mind that you'll only see one creative pack by default, unless you've added more than one creative pack.

Countries and Prices: In this section, you can change the countries that you want this campaign to target, as well as set the prices for each of those countries. First, click on "Change", which will open up the expanded targeting window.

Search the country you want to target by using the "Type country to search" box and hit enter to add that country to the targeting list. You can then change the bid by clicking on the country code box. This will bring up a pop-up window where you can change the bid. Hit "OK" to save the bid for that country.


  • Operating System Targeting: The minimum and maximum Operating System targeting parameter allows you to target a specific range of operating systems

  • Device Targeting: The device targeting section allows you to target a series of devices (iPad, iPhone, iPad) or a specific device (iPhone 6, iPad Mini 3). This granular targeting is only available on iOS, but will be coming to Android in the near future. Android targeting is broken down by screen size.

  • Connection Targeting: This allows you to target users that are connected to WiFi or a cellular connection. If your game is above the download limits (iOS - 100mb/ Google Play - 50mb), then we suggest targeting WiFi only, as users on cellular wouldn't be able to download your game (which lowers conversion rates and makes you less competitive in our network).

Third Party Tracking Url: This is where you will input your tracking URL. For more information on how to set up tracking links, please check out our S2S Install Tracking.

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Submit For Moderation

Once your campaign has been completely set up, you'll be able to submit it for moderation. Save your campaign, then head to the top of the campaign's page. There you will see a "Submit for Moderation" button. Someone from the Unity Ads team will moderate your campaign within 24-48 hours.

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Last updated on 24th Jan 2018