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New Campaigns dashboard FAQs

The new advertiser dashboard is a self-serve system with improved UI to enable faster, smoother user acquisition campaign management. To ensure familiarity, it uses a similar interface and functionality to the previous version, but includes several new features (with more on the way in the coming months).

What has changed in the new dashboard?

  • Campaign structure: You can now run multiple creative packs under the same campaign. This means you no longer need the video name in the campaign name. You can track each creative pack’s performance by adding the dynamic {creative_pack} macro in your tracking URL, or by pulling reports from the dashboard or updated Statistics API.

  • Flexible campaign management tools: We’ve added convenient new tools for configuring campaigns, such as bulk CPI editing.

  • Data model and algorithm: With the new dashboard, our algorithm works exactly the same as it did before, while automatically optimizing performance between all creative packs included in each campaign.

  • Reporting: There is a new, enhanced Statistics API. You can now generate reports by creative pack or Source ID, with cost data in addition to other features. Be sure to check out the updated Statistics API guide for more details.

  • Access: Manage campaigns across all of your organizations with a single login.

When is the new dashboard live?

The new advertiser dashboard is available now for new and migrated campaigns. Our Ad Ops team is currently migrating all existing advertiser campaigns, and expect them to be fully available by end of March.

Do I need to do anything to move my existing campaigns to the new dashboard?

No! We will handle it for you, maintaining the general campaign structure and mapping. We will also consolidate multiple campaigns with the same targeting but different creative packs into one campaign in the new dashboard.

Has the way I set up campaigns changed?

No. To ensure familiarity, the new UI has similar functionality to the previous version. Watch this demo video for a high-level walkthrough of setting up a campaign in the new dashboard.

Has the campaign approval process changed?

No. We still need to review the following components of your campaign prior to activating it live:

  • Creative pack content is in the correct format.
  • Creative pack content is not overly graphic or sexually explicit.
  • Budgets and bids meet the minimum requirements.
  • Google Play icons do not appear in iOS creative packs.
  • Server-to-server tracking links are validated.

To expedite the review process, please be sure to follow the requirements detailed in the Creative packs section of the Configuring campaigns documentation.

If your campaign hasn’t received moderation after 48 business hours, please contact the Ad Ops team to follow up on its status.

Advertising account FAQs

Can I access the new dashboard with the same login credentials as before?

Yes. Please log in to the new dashboard with the same credentials that you used before.

How do I add users to my organization?

You must have owner or manager privileges to add new members to an organization. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Unity account
  2. Select Organizations on the left navigation bar. This displays a list of organizations associated with your account.
  3. Navigate to the organization you wish to add a new member to, then select the Manage settings icon.
  4. On the organization profile page, select Members & Groups from the left navigation bar.
  5. Select + Add members.
  6. Enter emails manually or copy paste from a list of emails. To add multiple members, separate email addresses with a space or comma, or enter each email on a new line.
  7. Select a role for the new members you’re adding, then select Next. Note that you can only assign roles that are equal or less than your role.
  8. Review the settings, then select Invite members.

Why can’t I see my apps?

The most common cause of this is viewing the wrong organization. When you create a new UDN account, it also creates a new organization for you, but does not automatically set that organization as the default for that email. Verify that the correct organization is selected in the top-right corner of the dashboard. If you do not have access to the correct organization, you may request that the organization’s owner adds you. If the problem persists, please contact Ad Ops.

Campaign performance FAQs

How can I improve my campaign’s performance?

Our machine learning algorithm will always work to find the best users for you. However, there are two main factors that contribute to a successful ad campaign:

  • Use engaging creatives that drive conversion rate.
  • Make competitive CPI bids.

The key to success is high user engagement. For more tips, please see documentation on Optimizing campaigns. We will continue updating this article to help you get the most out of your advertisements!

Can I configure Campaigns to promote my other games?

Yes! Cross-Promotion is an open beta feature that allows publishers to backfill ad Placements with promotions for their own games. A Cross-Promotion works just like regular advertisements, but drives traffic to your own apps. For more information on setting up a cross-promotional Campaign, click here.

Can I block specific apps from showing my campaign?

Yes. Please contact the Ad Ops team to inquire about blocking specific apps by their ID.

Why did my install volume change?

During the course of a campaign, it is natural to see some performance fluctuations. Though the figure may vary from campaign to campaign, a 10-15% variation from week to week is considered normal. However, a greater spike than this might indicate a deeper issue.

Some factors contributing to a decrease in volume include:

  • Underperforming creatives: A gradual decrease in volume over time can suggest ad fatigue. The introduction of a new creative that resonates less with your audience can also cause decreased conversion rates, and thus a decrease in volume.
  • A change in the competitive advertiser-side landscape: Our inventory is constantly changing and growing. Occasionally new campaigns vastly outperform the rest of our platform, thus receiving preferential publisher inventory. If this happens, you can raise your bids to compete for this inventory.
  • A change in publishers: Rarely, a publisher will remove their traffic from the inventory altogether.
  • A tracking issue: This could be due to an outage in your third-party tracking service, or an uncommunicated change to the postback or tracking URLs.

On the other side of the coin, the inverse reasons can cause increases in volume:

  • The addition of a well-matched publisher: We constantly add new publishers. If we happen to add a publisher whose users are particularly engaged with your ads, you may see volume suddenly skyrocket.
  • High-performing new creatives: Advertisers often see noticeable volume increases after conducting a trailer refresh. Rotating in new trailers approximately once per quarter is a best practice if resources permit.
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Last updated on 2nd Apr 2020