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To help us provide effective and timely support, please submit your AdOps or Support related questions using the Contact form in the Unity Ads dashboard. This form will provide us with additional account information necessary to expedite a response.

If you are unable to access the Unity Ads dashboard, or use the Contact form, please email us directly using the appropriate address below, and be sure to include the following details:

  • The Game IDs related to the issue.
  • Your Developer ID or Organization Name.
  • If unable to login, the email address you're using to login.
  • If if unable to add store details, the Store URL of your published game.
  • If awaiting campaign moderation, the name of the campaign.

Unity Ads Support Team

Contact Email:

The Support team handles general questions and any technical issues you may have integrating Unity Ads into your game.

If you have a technical issue, please provide a device log or debug output, along with clear steps to reproduce the issue, and a description of where ads appear in your game.

Lastly, please provide a list of products along with the version numbers of those products used in your Unity Ads integration:

If you're using a framework or game engine other than Unity, please tell us which one and which version you're using.

To ensure the stability and reliability of your integration, please make sure you are using the latest version of Unity Ads.

Unity Ads AdOps Team

Contact Email:

The AdOps team primarily handles questions related to running and optimizing campaigns for your games.

Unity Ads PubOps team

Contact Email:

The PubOps team primarily handles questions related to monetizing using the Operate dashboard.

Programmatic Ads support team

Contact Email:

The Programmatic Ads team primarily handles questions related to programmatic bidders and exchange partnerships.

Unity Ads Sales Team

Contact Email:

The Sales team will be happy to answer any of your business questions.

If you have any questions related to payments, invoicing, revenue reporting, the developer dashboard, or any technical matters, please reach out to instead.

If you're looking to propose strategic opportunities to Unity Monetization, or to reach us for vendor opportunities, please email us directly at We look forward in hearing from you!

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Last updated on 22nd Oct 2021